Dye Transfer from Handles of Black Blake?

  1. I recently bought a Black Blake. It is still NWT and has been carefully stored in smoke and pet free home. The handles were oddly sticky. I conditioned them and OMG so much black dye came off on the soft rags. They are no longer sticky, but smudges of black still comes off on clean white rag.

    Anyone experienced this before with a black MJ?

    TIA :heart:
  2. oh, yikes. are you sure they are dry or maybe the conditioner you used was too oily? i do have a problem when i where my cream hobo and jeans, i get somewhat of a blue stain on my bag. any fixes for this?
  3. I had a black Blake and never experienced that. What season is yours? Does it have gold or silver hardware?

    I really don't mean to be rude, but are you sure your bag is authentic? Most of the black Blakes on eBay are fake. :sad:
  4. chicbags is pretty experienced with her MJ purchases... I wouldn't worry about hers being fake.

    I once had a maroon ZC that I conditioned and some dye came off. MJ cautions against the use of products on their leather. They say that the leather is already pretreated and no additional treatment is necessary. I only clean the bags now with baby wipes and avoid using any products.
  5. Oops I didn't know that. Sorry! :flowers:

    Just a thought, but would a leather protectant help stop the "bleeding"?
  6. The strange thing is that the body of the bag doesn't have this issue.

    It is an 05 bag with the nickle hardware, which I absolutely love!
    Anyone knowing me knows that I have probably owned about 1 or 2
    MJ bags in nearly every style since 2003 plus some original ones.
    Then I get fickle and sell and then I miss one and
    must have it back :shame:

    And yes it is authentic, no doubts about it.

    Anyone still have the email address for repairs at MJ?
    I used to give it out, but can't find it.
  7. The only reason I touched it with product was cause of the stickiness of the handles, knowing it wasn't smoke or environmental.
    The good news is - the stickiness is gone :tup:
  8. Unfortunately MJ won't fix it for free (since it is outside their 18 month warranty) but this thread will provide you the info for Moda Express. HTH! :smile:

    Info on MJ repairs to bags purchased in the last 18 months
  9. hmm.... i have a cashew hobo without any type of transfer, i wonder if it's the stuff you gals are putting on your bag that may be eroding the leather...just a thought