Dye tassels?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just got a Rouge Vif Day and I love the bag. But the edge of the tassels are not dyed properly, there's a white edge on some parts of the tassels.

    My question is, do you guys think I can dye the white edges with red food coloring? Or do I have to get it done professionally?

    It's my Christmas present from my BF, so I can't use it yet. Therefore, I don't know how much the white edges will bother me.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. I've had that on my rouille and a bit on my rouge vif but actually it doesn't really bother me.
  3. You should probably call Balenciaga as they now sell tassels and you can probably get a set or two of fully saturated rouge vif tassels rather than risk messing around with food coloring or other dyes. That stuff might come off on your hands and/or clothes.
  4. I would think red food coloring would be pretty unstable. Also, it's really hard to know how leather will "take" a particular color. For example - I dipped a scrap of light cream leather into dark chocolate brown ink. Once it had dried, the result was pepto-bismol pink. Not what I expected at all! I would wait and see how much it bothers you IRL, then seek professional help (for you or the bag, whichever...;))
  5. I just noticed that about mine too! i was thinking of using a dark red sharpie on them..
  6. Just tried the red sharpie, and it worked really well actually! I just lightly used the side of the marker and just brushed it so it would just look more natural and you'd never know :smile:
  7. i'd let it be... adds a bit more of a character to ur Bbag :smile:
  8. I wouldnt do anything to them, you'll get used to it and its a nice contrast sorta. The Magenta tassels are the same way. You may end up getting whatever you use transferred against your bag, other bags or clothes. Just not worth the hassel.
  9. thanks for the input guys, i'll wait until i actually use the bag to see how much the white edges bother me. but i'll probably order some extra tassels from BalNY.