Dye or redye a Prada gaufre ?

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  1. Hi there I would love your insights on this. I have a lovely Prada gaufre in camello, which has suffered from fading as well as some colortransfer, I would love to give it a second youth but I send it to Prada and they say they can't do anything about it. I live in france so I can't send it to LMB , has anybody an adress in europe or another idea ?
  2. I'm just making an educated guess, but with the way Gaufres are constructed, I seriously doubt anyone could dye it successfully. If it were black and you were going to do redo the black, maybe, but I'd be terrified to risk the camello color.

    Good luck though. Being in Europe, you have leather geniuses so there may be someone that could spruce it up for you.