Dye Job- J. Crew Greer Platforms


Coupon Code Stalker
May 16, 2009
SF Bay Area, CA
These J. Crew Greer Platforms in Warm Sienna with a coupon code, i.e., Final Sale. I love the style, they fit perfectly and were very comfortable, but I realized the color wasn't the "missing piece" I needed for my wardrobe:

And THEN I realized this would also make three pairs of shoes in this color. No wonder it wasn't the "missing piece"...I already had two other pairs in this same color. WTH was I thinking, oh yeah, I wasn't.

My new cobbler was SUPER reluctant to take on a dye job. He wanted to charge me $60, said it would take 3 weeks, blah blah blah, he basically didn't want to risk it. Fine.

So I ordered a bottle of Fiebing's Leather Dye & Resolene (a leather sealant) for a total of* like $20 on Amazon. I cleaned off the shoes with an unscented baby wipe, waited a couple of days to dry. Donned on the grubbiest outfit I had possible and a pair of rubber gloves and went to work on my shoes, stuffing them with paper and working on top of a sheet of plastic. A day later, sans Resolene, here they are:

The lighting makes one shoe look darker than the other, IRL,they are pretty even.

The leather absorbed the dye right up. It was tricky working around the buckle strap, and I do have to touch up some crannies with a q-tip, but overall, I'm very happy with how these turned out!

Not sure if I will end up using the Resolene. I am not really a DIYer (I get really impatient), but this, to me, was totally worth it to be able to wear these shoes more often than I would have if I had kept the lighter color.