Dye issue? Faded? or Wear and Tear? Ugh!

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  1. It's been a while since I posted (I've been on a ban since I got my HG a little over a year and a half ago and have just been lurking since then).

    Anyways, I was switching out my bags when I noticed that the shoulder straps on my Madison Mahogany OpArt Sateen Large Maggie (1st generation - Fall09) looked slightly lighter than the rest of the bag and it's worse on the edges of the strap (both on top and bottom where it rests against the shoulder)

    I condition the leather straps regularly so I know it's not dried out, and I usually only wear her on and off during the fall/winter (maybe 30 days total since I got her) so I hate to think this is from wear and tear..

    None of my other dark leather coach bags have this issue, and I have bags I have owned since 2003.

    What do you ladies think? Anything I can do? Should I take her to the Coach store to see if they can recommend something? Or do you think they'll just claim it's wear and tear (even though I barely wore her since I got her less than 2 years ago).


    Comparison of strap to hangtag from same bag.
  2. Looks like normal wear to me.
  3. I agree.

    It's leather - it's going to show wear.
  4. ^ Agreed. I see what you are talking about and it looks normal to me. Not bad at all.
  5. Thanks ladies, I was afraid of that.. I've just never had a Coach bag do that on me, even ones I've worn for years on end without babying (before the obsession started), so it's new territory to me...I guess it's just that Madison leather (though for the price, I hoped it would have taken longer than 30 times worn to look like this).

    Is there any way I can make the straps look better? Will additional conditioning help? Because now that I've seen it, it's annoying me..

    Again, thanks!
  6. Huh. I guess it's normal, but I hear you when you say that you have older coach bags that haven't done that to you. I have some older bags that predate 2000. I've worn them plenty, and they haven't lost their dye color. It would be a different thing if it was the lower corner of the bag, where you might scrape it, etc... but I don't think a shoulder strap should fade that much. Just my opinion.

    I have a Maggie leather ruby (1st generation maggie) in brown with similar-looking leather shoulder straps, and haven't had this kind of wear (I too have worn the bag maybe about 30 days total over the last 2 yrs I've had her).
  7. Do you wear lotion on your hands? I heard that can cause problems on the straps of the bags. You could always take it to Coach and see what they say. It's probably normal wear and tear, but Coach might have a suggestion or solution to help you.
  8. Normal wear and tear and oxidation.

    Also don't forget that as laws change and the toxicity of some substances become more known and identified, dyes are changed to accommodate new legal requirements.

    As a result some colors oxidize quicker since the formula changes over time and chemicals that bound the dye to/in the leather may not be as strong (or even present).

    I know that this is also a problem that has arisen with other manufacturers as well.
  9. I agree with others who've attributed the (IMO non-problem) to normal wear.

    Remember that leather is a natural product and different items from different cows or different sections of the same animal will have different colors, different textures and may wear unevenly.

    It's all part of the inherent nature of leather.
  10. I guess I understand the whole toxicity/laws over time thing.. but my parker hippies (cinnamon and black) and my mom's penelope shopper (worn everyday for the last 2 years and never conditioned) don't have this issue and were purchased roughly the same time. Probably just the nature of the madison (olympic?) leather and I just have to deal with it.

    I don't really wear lotion on my hands and I don't carry this bag in my hands at all, I just wear this bag on my shoulder. The color is like that the entire length of the strap both on top and bottom. (All other trim on this bag is patent and everything else looks brand new.)

    Oh well.. I wanted to take her out for one last spin before I had to retire my purses for a diaper bag in a few weeks..
  11. Maybe the photos aren't showing the extent of the wear that you are seeing. If you think the wear is excessive, then take her in to the FP store, explain that she hasn't had much wear, and see what they say. What do you have to lose?
  12. :rolleyes: