Dye from jeans on vachetta

  1. I've heard of people having trouble with vernis and color transfer, but what about onto light vachetta? Has anyone experienced the dye from their jeans staining their vachetta? Thanks.
  2. I've had it happen before but I can usually get it to lighten with the clean white eraser. My freshman year in college, I'd started carrying my white MC Alma and the vachetta trim around the bottom had turned a bit blue, but I just took the eraser and gently erased most of the blue away.
  3. This is why you have to wash your dark jeans a couple of times before wearing them. I can't believe the amount of dye manufacturers use!! Imagine what it is doing to your skin!!
    If you got some on your vachetta, try baby wipes. Just be sure that you use Pampers with aloe, lots of members have had good luck with them. If you do a search of this forum you will pick up some great tips for cleaning & protecting the leather.

    Forgot about the eraser!!1 LVBD is so on top of things:yes:
  4. I wear jeans nearly every day, but I never had problems w/ my bags :yes:
  5. im sure magic eraser would do the trick for dye on vachetta.
  6. I had this happen last year with the vachetta on a Coach bag. AppleGuard cleaner took it all right off and left it looking perfect.
  7. I have had my legs turn blue when i wore a my dark wash jeans, and this after washing them three times!!!!!
  8. My bf just brought me my bag (damier azur noe) for my b-day and im having this problem too and I washed my jeans 4 times before I wore them:crybaby::crybaby:
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  11. i have not had any problems. I wear jeans everyday.
  12. ^^ It does. I just used magic eraser on my Sophie, where jean color had transferred...completlely gone!:tup:
  13. The manager at my LV store suggested using a white eraser, but I'd use a magic eraser!
  14. i've had dye from jeans transfer to the canvas of my azur speedy. but i had been carrying my bag A LOT more than usual when it happened. (traveling in europe- much more walking than here in the states) it came off with magic eraser. so no worries.