Dye Epi Leather???

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  1. I have a blue Epi speedy that I never use because the color is too bright. I think I would like to turn it black. Has anybody dyed Epi leather? I have seen lots of success with vachetta leather.
  2. I doubt that would work. Epi leather color is deeply saturated. Epi is finished and conditioned. How could it possibly absorb? Vachetta is untreated cowhide so it will absorb dye, dirt, blue from your jeans, etc.
  3. I would stay away from this idea. Sell the Speedy and buy a pre-loved black Épi Speedy.

    Also, let me add that these DIY projects rarely look good in my opinion. Someone posted a bag last week that they had dyed and for which I would not give two cents.
  4. Just get a black one. My mom loved my Toledo Blue speedy, so I gave it to her.