Dye a Leather Handbag w/o Dying the Stitching

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  1. I just ordered the #18 Tarrago Self Shine Black dye kit. I want to dye a light tan butter leather to black without dying the whipstitching or stitches. Suggestions?

    Here are my ideas:
    -wax the stitching so the dye cannot be absorbed into the stitching
    -pick it off after
    -use color safe bleach to get it off
    -be really careful when dying to dye the stitching

    The only one I think will work is the wax. What do you guys think?
  2. I just dyed my MJ stam and I don't think you can to it without dyeing the stitching as well. I definitely wouldn't get bleach on your bag! What bag are you thinking of doing?

    here is a link to my dye pics.

    The tarrago is a great product and I had wonderful results and am very happy with my bag, but I think it would end up absorbing the color cause it is very liquid like. No like paint.

    Good luck!
  3. How does the leather feel after dying?
  4. ^^^It probably depends on the leather, the stam was the washed goat leather and for some reason it came out softer than when I started. I thought I would have to condition the heck out of it, but I just conditioned once and it is so soft I haven't bothered to do it again. I;m sure it will depend on the leather and if it had been treated or not to begin with.
  5. Have you tried to dye anything like gold leather metallic color? I have an old juicy that needs some updating?
  6. I want to do the Cole Haan Village Grommet N/S Hobo. It's a butter pebbled squishy leather right now. I have a stone color and love the contrast of the stitching and the style of bag. I have the butter one for sale in the marketplace but no takers so I thought I would change the color because that is the only reason I am selling it.

    I asked this question on the Tarrago message board. When someone from Tarrago's company replies I will let u know what they say.
  7. Actually, if you're not dyeing the bag for your own use, I would just leave it as it is! it sounds like a lovely bag and I'm sure someone will like that colour. Besides, you can never be 100% sure with dyeing. Years ago I decided to dye an expensive tan leather bag electric blue. It ended up looking horrible, as though it had been painted. And the leather changed as well.
  8. It would be for my own use. I would be dying it so I would use it. The way it is now isn't a color I like. However, if it was in black I would. I already have it in stone that I use everyday and so black would be an alternate color for something different, seeing as I love the bag style so much.
  9. Here's the butter:

    And I want to dye it black like this:

    This is the stone one I use everyday:
  10. These are lovely bags, HandbagAshley. I see what you mean about the stitching, and now understand that the bag is for your own use. I would think very carefully about any dye job, as it would be tragic to ruin your bag. Perhaps you could have it done professionally, having made careful enquiries first. Good Luck!
  11. I don't think it's possible to dye the bag black and the stitching brown.

    Short of having the bag restitched, you can't die leather that's already in an article without getting dye on the stitching...you'd have to take the bag apart to get an even dye job on the leather areas.
  12. I don't want to dye the stitching brown, just leave it like it is. I think I will try a cheap bag with the wax method once the dye comes in and see what it does.
  13. I have a beautiful Todds handbag and I have got an oil stain down the side of it. I can't imagine that I can get rid of the stain as it's a pale tan colour. But maybe I could dye it black or something. Does anyone know what type of dye would be best? HELP!!:nuts:
  14. Dyeing a bag without dyeing the stitching sounds improbable to me but that's just my opinion. Good luck with that! :smile: