Dy 18k ring tarnishing?

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  1. I bought this DY metro candy ring with yellow sapphires off yoogis closet years ago. Now I noticed that the edge of the ring keeps on getting darker and the gaps of the cable look orange. I tried cleaning it but the edge are still a bit blackish looking. The rest however are so yellow. I never doubted the authenticity because everything looks perfect. Its just weird because it was 18k so how come it seem tarnishing?
  2. You might be better taking it to a jeweler to have it professionally cleaned. How have you tried to clean it yourself? 18K can tarnish. It’s a metal with alloys in it. I wouldn’t worry about its authenticity, especially considering you’ve already had it for years.
  3. Youre right because I think since i had it for years it should have been worst right?
  4. Gold itself in its purest form may become dirty but does not tarnish. It's the other metals mixed with the gold (ie 18k is only 75% gold and 25% other metals/alloy) that would tarnish. Is it silver and 18k gold mixed? Or the whole piece is 18k? A jeweler can help, or you can use good quality gold cleaner. I use the Connoisseur polishing cloth to clean my jewelry. If it becomes really dirty, I soak it in warm soapy water, dry then polish with the cloth.
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    If it was only plated, yes, it would definitely look the worse for wear. As I said before, 18K gold has alloys in it so it can tarnish.
  6. I remember when i was young. My grandma gave me this ring. I thought it was real. I wore it everyday for years and it never tarnished and then one day i took it out. After 3 days i was shocked that it turned black. I never knew tyat it wasnt gold at all. I guess it makes sense. Especially that its been staying in my jewelry box it should have turned black by now