DVR/Tivo users: Do you watch more TV?

  1. What did we ever do before DVR/Tivo? I think we actually watch more TV but spend less time watching it. Does that make sense?
  2. No doubt about it.. Yes!! I never used to allow myself to get hooked into shows that I couldnt watch regularly and keep up on plot lines. Plus, my DH just pretty much hates TV unless it has some sort of intellectual or artistic merit!! So, I basically watched very little in the evenings.
    Well, with Tivo and teenagers that has changed! My kids and I love most of the same shows and look forward to our weekly "fix" of Lost or Battlestar Gallactica or whatever at OUR convenience, when we are all together to enjoy it.
  3. I just got DVR about 2 weeks ago and I have to say I love it! There are so many shows on at the same time and I wouldn't get to watch one of them. Now I just record one and watch it later, and without all the commercials. I know I watch more shows now then before but I'm not sure about less tv, even with fast forwarding through commercials.

    I love it when I look through my recorded shows and see something I forgot to watch, becuase usually when I do that I'm bored and it gives me something good to watch.
  4. LOL maxter, yes, that is as good way to put it as I have seen!

    I almost want to say that we watch less TV, but I think what I mean is that we spend less time doing other things with the TV on.

    And what we do watch is now exclusively limited to things that we actually want to watch. We no longer settle for the best thing we can find on at that particular minute.

    Nor do we make those impromptu Blockbuster visits, on evenings when we are definitely in Lounging Mode but there is "nothing on."

    Thanks to our Tivoid, there is always something on, and it is also something that we specifically and deliberately chose because we had a particular desire to see it!

    How I scoffed at people who said Tivo changed their lives - and O how chewy and dry is my hat now!
  5. Couldn't live w/out it now. No worries about missing a show.
  6. I blame my cable guy for my lack of sleep. And my blame my cable company for giving me all the channels for free for the first 3 months and now I'm addicted to channels I never knew existed. Not only do I record all my shows on DVR but I have to record them on the HD channels. My life hasn't been the same since.
  7. YES!!! Tivo made TV great again for me, I love it love it love it. Best eletronic I own :biggrin:
  8. There must be some kind of support group for people with addictions such as this.... in fact, i think there is, i saw it on TV :nuts:
  9. ^LOL!My new TIVo can record 2 shows at once....VERY DANGEROUS....LMAO!!Im ADDICTED TO IT! I watch more than ever now!
  10. So does mine, one on each TV, and there are times that I find that very vexing, when there are more than 2 shows on at once that I want to record!
  11. Damn my TIVO. It keeps getting me hooked on new shows because it thinks I may like them. And then I do!

  12. Yes, I need to go to rehab, just like Britney. I'm a trainwreck. I'm also addicted to the Purse Blog! This is a desperate cry for help. :nuts:
  13. Join the Club!!
  14. Just got my dual tuner (2 shows at once) and I love it! My regular Tivo died so I decided to buy the DT since all my shows coincides now!
  15. OMG, I love my Tivo! I got it as a Christmas gift 2 years ago...I didn't ask for it and did not know much about it at the time, but now I could not live without it!