DVF Wrap Dresses-how do they run?

  1. I've read small and TTS. What is your experience? TIA!
  2. Honestly, I don't know because some of mine run TTS and some run small. Most of them are TTS though. They are super comfy! :yes:
  3. I depends on the dress. I find that the ones with longer sleeves I size up but the ones with 3/4 length sleeves are TTS. I would recommend trying them on.
  4. If you are busty at all, they run a little small IMO. I wear a true (non-vanity-size) 8 and 34DD, and I have to go up to a 10 in DVF wrap dresses to work on top.
  5. I find they are TTS, and I own about 10 of them!
  6. Thanks Ladies!

    These are the two I'm looking at...which one do you like better?

    I'm placing an online order in my normal size-wish me luck!

    If this one is a hit, I'll get another one in a 'fun' pattern.:yes:
    DVF1.jpg DVF2.jpg
  7. I like the first one better - the collar is interesting! The second one is more classic though, you really can't go wrong with either one. Are you ordering from DVF.COM or another store?
  8. I find the dresses run TTS, and the wrap shirts run a size small. I wear a 6 in the dresses, and an 8 in the shirts.

    I love the first dress you chose :nuts:
  9. I think the wrap dresses tend to run a little small, depending on how you're shaped... I don't have very big boobs, but there's quite a gap when I wear the size 0... I usually wear a size 0 in other brands. A size 2 DVF wrap dress fits me best.
  10. I also get a size larger-a 12 IN HER THINGS. The top is were the problem is-I am a 36 c, a couple of the wrap dresses look better with a lace camisole so I don't have to worry.
  11. I agree to size up one. Her line runs smaller to me if you are curvy.
  12. I agree. If you are a busty girl go up a size. Otherwise, I would say they run true to size unless you get one of the eyelet dresses which don't stretch. I'm a big fan of her dresses and tops. They are gorgeous and fun to wear. :yes:

  13. My vote is for the high collar. :tup: Draws more attention to the neckbone. I bought her high collared blouses in every collar for that very reason. :love: Agnes, I have ordered from DVF.com in the past and had so many problems that now I just go through the department stores. When I order from DVF.com the garments come one at a time (even though the order was placed for several pieces) and one time it took me a month to get the Caridad blouse. The staff is super responsive, just slow to ship IMHO. Hopefully, you ladies have experienced the opposite.

  14. Thanks for the tip Tiffany! This year I have three weddings to go to and I will be a godmother to a baby who will be born in March. So with the showers and events (one wedding is a full weekend event on the Jersey shore so there will be a dinner the night before and a breakfast the day after...) I am keeping my eye out for cute things. The DVF dresses look beatiful!!!
  15. For me, it runs TTS. It's different for everyone though. So my suggestion would be to order two sizes and return the one that doesn't fit.

    BTW, love the first one. It is a classic DVF design and you can't go wrong with that!