dvf sizing

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  1. I am so mad at myself for not pre-ordering the dvf dress I really wanted and now they don't have my size (6). I tried on a couple of dvf dresses in a store last weekend and in those styles the 8 was too big... Do you think the same will apply to the dress I want? I found a substitute but I am afraid the coloring will be too loud. So first -these are the dress styles that were too big in 8
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    and this is the one I want
    But they don't have 6, only 8

    Do you think I should order this other color of the dress or do you think this is very loud (I think I would feel uncomfortable with that but maybe in the spring everyone will be wearing this color and I will blend in?
  2. The dress I am looking for is not even on dvf.com but I found another dress there (as opposed to saks where I was looking and hoping to get the 100 gift card). I like these

    Which do you like better - one of these or the orange? Or do you think I could get the first one in 8?
  3. I love the orange. It has been a big color this spring.
  4. Ok after posting this I searched the net and found the first kimono dress on net-a-porter in my size!
  5. THanks - I like that the orange is silk. The dvf dresses I tried on were silk and were amazing. The light dress I like is linen blend
  6. That white dress is great! I find that DVF is pretty consistent with her sizing, so I would say you made the right call in holding out for your size.
  7. DVF runs true to size but sometimes the styles run large.
  8. i actually find dvf one of the most inconsistent brands i've ever bought - at one point i had dresses in P, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 that all fit (at the same time) :noggin:
  9. glad you found your dress! i've found dvf to run pretty true to size...
  10. I'm totally the same way w/ DVF! for some reason my closet is filled with 0, 2, 4, 6 all of which fit me perfect :shrugs: I'm usually a consistent size 2...