DVF Sample Sale

  1. DVF Sample Sale is next week! Save up to 75% off on dresses and more!!!

    Monday Dec 10th: 12-6pm [Press, Friends & Family Only]
    Tue/ Dec 11th: 9am - 6pm
    Wed/ Dec 12th: 10am - 7pm
    Thu/Dec 13th: 10am - 7pm
    Fri/ Dec 14th: 9am - 5pm
    Sat/Dec 15th: 10am - 3pm

    260 Fifth Avenue (between 28th and 29th Streets)
  2. Thanks for posting. I am so there.
  3. DAMN IT! This sale needs to come to LA. I wish my NY friends shopped as much as i do.
  4. has anyone who's been to this on the last day? do they reduce prices? i always go to this sale on the first day, within the first few hours, but this year i don't really NEED another dvf dress. i might be persuaded by lower prices though.
  5. I *think* they reduce prices. But last year I went on the last day and it was eh. If you're a size 0 or a size 14, you're in luck. Otherwise, everything's sold out.
  6. I try to go to New York when they are having this sale. I'm evil, right? I have been twice and I think it's good to go both the first day and the last day. A lot of the good wrap dresses get snapped up the first day, so it's good to go then if you want one of those, but, I got a lot of nice stuff the last day too including a great coat that had just gotten marked down to wholesale price.
  7. I went in the afternoon of the last day last year and they did not have anything good. I left empty handed. But maybe there are still good things if you go first thing in the morning on the last day?
  8. i wish i had a friend that lived in NY, I am a size 14 and would really benefit from the sale on the last day, this would have been a great b-day present, especially since my b-day is the 14th......:crybaby:

    i gotta move to NY stat
  9. Yes, I went the morning of the first day. They like yelled out the markdowns as they were doing them and then people swarmed the racks to get the stuff.
  10. i think i need to move to ny....
  11. I went at the end of the first or second day last year and it was a real madhouse and there wasn't that much left that was really good. The stuff I bought at the sample sale ended up going on sale for less than I bought it after christmas. So I would only go back if I needed another dress for holiday parties (which I don't)... This sale used to be really good a few years ago when tops were like $40 and dresses were like $80.
  12. damn i wish i were in NY :sad:.
  13. I agree! In a way I'm happy it's not in LA, b/c it saved me some money. I really have to start shopping for Christmas presents.
  14. Does anyone have an invite to go on Monday(Press, F&F Only apparently) ? Or can anyone just walk in? TIA
  15. The markdowns start at the morning of the last day and are usually marked down to 50$ a dress. However, the pickings are slim.