DVF Sample Sale

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  1. how much was the gold leather trench? I think I would have loved it. I was out of town M-Th this week and didn't make it today, so I have to live this one through you ladies :sad:
  2. 700 and then marked down to 300 -oh well --they closed at 3
  3. i thought it was hideous until i saw it on a bunch of girls...then i thought it looked pretty fabulous on everyone who tried it on :tup:
  4. SAME!!! I hated it then loved it - i wound up not gettign it but i am thinking about it so.....sample:roflmfao: sale regrets
  5. my mistake... I said the dress would not be marked down but they were today!! Sorry.
    There were sooo much stock yesterday but so little today. It seems like the staff cleaned out already after the hours yesterday... or did they sell out so well this morning and I missed since I was there at the end?
  6. That gold leather trench that everyone saw at DVF sample sale for 499 (worth thousands) was won by Serena's mom on first episode of the new show -- gossip girl -the blond actress. She looked gorgeous in it!! I coudlnt believe it!!!!it looked so classy and she was wearign it in the day and still looked classy!
  7. does anyone know where to get trench ?