DVF Sample Sale

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  1. god i would love to go but i can't make it there before 6:30 i don't think. darnnit.
  2. Yeah, I'm feeling the same way. I could sneak over on my lunch break (around 3) but I'm on Broadway. It's a bit of a trek.

    I'm so in love with that dress though. Hmmm. Maybe I can sneak out early.
  3. hey lisa- how are you? long time no speak.
  4. I'm good. Busy as always. I love the summer though. It makes me oh so happy.

  5. good. thanks.
  6. is anyone planning on going tomorrow for hte price cuts? does anyone know how much prices will go down?
  7. i got the first one too but for the regular sample sale price. congrats on your find! this sample sale is the best. i'm def going to go in the december again.
  8. I have been to the sample sale a past few times on the last day but as long as I remember the price stays the same as the day before the last day and the dresses are $100 each.
  9. today and wouldn't mind picking up a dress for me can you please pm me and let me know. i asked my boss and he said no (which is RIDIC considering i'm entitled to a lunch hour that i never take but whatever). anyway i would really love the black and white taurus stars dress or a solid brown wrap or basically any wrap dress or wrap top in a 12. thanks!
  10. that's ridiculous! luckily my workplace is right around the corner and i popped in last night and did see ton sof the taurus stars dress left as well as a few of the solid brown wraps. hopefully someone will be able to stop in for you, i'm not sure if i'll be able to make it down there today :tdown:
  11. i know. i'm super upset about it. i'm in times square so it seriously would take me under an hour to get there and back (i don;t need to try on). anyway...
  12. don't be too upset ur boss is a jerk :tdown:. i ran down to the sale for u during my lunch break, and dresses were marked down to $75 (everything else the same as yesterday i believe) but there was hardly anything left. i saw a couple people holding the taurus dress, but no more on the racks and nothing in your size, and the brown wrap only in an 8. also, no wrap tops to be seen, only a few camis with sheer overlayers. i actually gave a black top i was holding to a woman who was eyeing it and ended up just buying the DVF makeup brushes, which felt incredibly soft and were a bargain...i got 6 for $19!!! :tup: but you really didn't miss out on much.
  13. aw thanks so much for looking! i really appreciate it!
  14. what did anyone think of the gold leather trench tacky or nice? couldnt decide :confused1: