DVF Sample Sale

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  1. Sounds like fun. Wish I could go.
  2. So does anyone know the answer to this question?
    It would be great to be able to beat the crowds!

    Thank you.
  3. I guess not!
    has anyone gone yet?

  4. Two of my friends are there RIGHT NOW. Sadly, I am in Toronto on vacation, but we've been calling/texting because they are buying me a few dresses.

    It is a zoo and very crowded. Here's what I've been told: There are sample wrap dresses for $50. My friend grabbed my a halter white eyelet and something in black and yellow that is also a halter. I have no idea what the dresses look like in real life.

    If you're in New York, I'd check it out today. the worst they can do is say no. And if you are in new york, who takes no for an answer anyway!
  5. will there be any smaller sizes left if i go later in the week?

  6. Are there good selection of sizes? I wear size 0 or 2. What sizes usually go fast?
  7. I went today, and it wasn't that crowded. I got there at 4 and was out by 445. there was no line to get in, but there was about a 20 minute wait for the dressing rooms.

    they had a TON of dresses, all different sizes and styles (including some from last season) for $150, and assorted skirts, shorts, shirts, etc. if you can go during work hours tomorrow it's well worth it.

    also, i got a $25 discount because I joked around with the guy at the counter. he liked me :cutesy:
  8. OMG drool
  9. God I wished I lived in NY
  10. soooooooooo there tomorrow
  11. Just back from there, the location is three blocks from my office. there are huge lines at 9AM this morning when I got there, still lines when I checked out around 11. But the waiting was not too bad. Sample sale dresses are way back in the store, and they are $50 as reported. A lot of them don't have sizes marked, you'll need to try them on. huges lines for the dressing room and checkout counter too. No sample items are $150 for dress, $80 for blouse $50 for tee shirts. Some coats are on sale for $350 (fabric) or $700 (leather). Swimming suits/cover ups for around $50. make sure you allocate enough time for the mad house!
  12. Can anyone post some pics of the great stuff they got? I love DVF but I live in Boston and I am going to miss the sale! I am so sad, but pics would cheer me up!
  13. [​IMG]

    Here is a picture of a dress I picked up at the sale -- on a model -- I wish I was that thin! I also got a similiar dress in black and white.

    It was crazy with long lines but not too bad. I was there a little over two hours which included waiting on line to get in, waiting for the dressing room and waiting a very long line to pay. It seemed like the lines were getting shorter when I left about 2.

    There was lots of merchandise in sizes 0-12 mainly dresses. I was tempted to buy more than two dresses but I'm hoping the check out the Theory sale this week too. All in all crazy but fun. Definitely go if you are in NYC and have the time.
  14. Jayjay77,
    how much was the dress? $150?
  15. Yes $150. Most dresses were $150 and sorted by size, as other posters mention some sample dresses were $50 but these were piled in boxes and on tables. I didn't have the stamina to go through all the piles!