DVF sample sale NYC

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. i went last year and it stunk.
  3. I'd love a classic dress, but I'm very particular about the pattern so I think I may have to pay retail.
  4. as far as when i was there- they don't have wraps. just the other dresses and the seperates.
  5. I went yesterday and got a wrap dress from the sample bin and a long halter dress that is a couple of seasons old, but still looks great now. I agree, the selection wasn't as good as past years.
  6. that is to bad about the selection.
  7. My friend commented that all the women at the sale had really nice bags. I saw a few botkier biancas (including my own), gorgeous chloe paddingtons and a big edith, many fendi and gucci cloth bags and an absolutely stunning large fendi buckle bag. wow.
  8. really? you found a wrap? omg.
  9. Actually I was there yesterday afternoon and they had a much larger selection than I expected - not a ton of the prints, but a lot of the jersey wool classics. I got a wrap!
  10. really? did they have any wrap tops?
  11. How much did it set you back?
  12. lisa- LOL. you and i are like- hmmm.... lol
  13. Seriously. I've been wanting a wrap dress forever. Cheaper, even better!!
  14. The dresses were all $150 incl/ tax, tops were $80 I think. There were definitely drape-style tops, don't remember seeing wraps specifically though.
  15. at the end (the last day, today) the dresses came down to $90.
    There were many wraps.