DVF red lips wrap dress?

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  1. Anyone know how this looks on? i love DVF BUT RED LIPS ALL OVER A DRESS?

  2. Come on-PFer's I NEED OPIONONS!
    IS it appropriate for a 50 year old? The dress does have lips all over but on a black background and look nice to me.
    The lips are so busy that they look good(if you can understand what i mean. I think with black pumps and out to dinner with hubby would look great.
    HELP GUYS.....
  3. Maybe it would help if you posted a picture? I am in my early 20's but I wouldn't wear something like that. I think it depends on your individual taste and preferences. As far as I know, if you are busty, you will need to size up one size in DVF. Hope this helps!
  4. i think i know which one you are talking about...

    i really like it. try looking through dvf on eBay for a picture on, but i'd imagine that it fits the same as most of her wrap dresses.

    edit: just wanted to add, i think most of her stuff has staying power and can be worn for a long time.
  5. If that is the one then it's not too over the top, it's not even immediately apparent it is lips
  6. Yes, I think the dress is gorgeous. I am 45yo and I would definately wear it.
  7. :smile:
    I have this wrap dress & it's one of my favorite!
    I'm a size 8 but I usually wear a size 10 or 12
    since I'm busty.:tup:
  8. Yes that's it-i went ahead and ordered it-something about it just 'makes me smile', I love red and against the black, i think it will look good against my olive coloring.
  9. I have that dress. The lips are discrete so you can't really tell they are lips unless you know what your looking at. There is another dress that has larger lips that are obvious. There is a Louboutin Very Prive with the same print. I always size up one or two sizes especially on wrap dresses. The more fabric to wrap the better. Plus I have wide shoulders. I have several DVF dresses and they are all classic. I don't think that design is trendy. NM.com has the dress on sale for $163 and the large lips for $274 in most sizes. Attached is me in Vegas with the dress. Also the large lips dress.