DVF or Marc Jacobs?

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  1. Hello all!

    I am trying to decide between these 2 dresses....any advice would be greatly appreciated:

    Diane Von Furstenberg

    Marc Jacobs
  2. mmm both dresses are very busy, for my opinion I would have to know your height,? is this for a special occasion ? Visually I like the DVF a little, just not wild about the color blocking . MJ visually is a no for me.
  3. i totally love the MJ one.... y? because the colour is GREAT! very summer looking, plus (i know its only a pic) but i think the MJ one would be much easier to move around in.... oh its just so cute!!! :smile:
  4. Well, I am about 5'3" and I am trying to get out of my comfort zone in terms of color and print (I usually wear solids or blacks). It isn't for a particular occassion...just feel like this will be the year of the dress for me...hehe. I like the shape of the DVF, but I think the Marc would be more fun to wear in the summer.
  5. LOVE the MJ one, I'm a big fan of empire waist dresses and tops!
    TOTALLY fun in teh summer!
    OOOOH, what bag would you carry?
  6. Oh, I didn't even think about the bag for the Marc dress. I have a really pretty turquoise leather tote from Kate Spade. Maybe that's too much color. Hmm....need to think about that one....maybe a cute straw bag.
  7. I like the Diane Von Furstenberg dress. It's really cool and "mod" looking :nuts:
  8. DVF is less "prissy" which I like.
  9. They're both very different looks. I think I like the MJ a little better. It's sweeter.
  10. Then I would suggest the MJ at your height (which is very cute ) you can do with out all the fuss, the DVF will over power you.

    I hope this helps you Suli

    Good luck !
  11. i definitely say the marc jacobs....i have the top version of that dress and being petite (im' 5'1) it's incredibly flattering, totally cute in the summer and just makes u feel good ( can u tell i love love love marc? :love:)
  12. at 5'3, i agree with pradasmeadow, go with marc. the big pattern on the DVF would be overpowering.
  13. I like them both, but the DVF the best because of the print.
  14. Marc !! Its so sweet looking, which i love, the DVF is tooooo ..80's spandex-y looking.
  15. I like the MJ better.