DVF or Marc Jacobs?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Having a wee crisis. I went shopping today and only have enough money to buy either a DVF blouse or marc by marc jabobs pumps? sorry new to this site so not sure how to put photos up yet. I also am only building up my collection so either one would be great but hoping someone else will make the decision for me? :smile:
  2. Which one would go better with you wardrobe? Do you need a blouse more than you need shoes?
  3. Hmmmm good question, they are both so nice i'm trying to justify getting them both :smile: I guess i need the blouse more, thank you. Trying to build a work wardrobe. i must try find out how to put up photos so i can post a photo of the blouse
  4. I'd probably get the blouse too! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE shoes, but I tend to buy more clothes then shoes.
  5. Is the blouse a perfect fit? Are the shoes really comfortable?
  6. woops ended up buying a chloe skirt instead of the shoes or blouse. I'd love to get some Dvf, maybe when i'm in new york later in the year I could get some. I must try and find out where the best places to shop in new york are, very exciting!!
  7. ^There are a couple threads on that, try a search ;)
  8. great thanks a million x