DVF Fanta Jacket, was it a good idea??!!

  1. I couldn' t sleep last night and ordered this jacket at 1 am! I have been looking for my HG leather jacket for years, I thought this was striking but we'll see when it arrives. What do you guys think? Pics from dvf.com and nm.com
    dvf1.jpg dvf2.jpg
  2. It's fabulous! :tup:

    Let us know what you think of it when it arrives... I might want one too... LOL
  3. Yeah, its great.
    Post a picture when you get it.
    DVF fits so well.
  4. Wow, that is beautiful! I may have to check it out!

    And BTW, in my opinion, DVF is always a good idea! ;)
  5. ^^^^Thanks Guys!!! I so LOVE the PF, such helpful advice. I will let you know when it arrives!
  6. trust your instincts! Its a gorgeous jjacket! sometimes I make impulse purchases in the Ams too but I have to say this isn't one of those mistakes you'll regret.
  7. Ooooooh I really like it!
  8. Wow it's gorgeous! You're making me jealous :p
  9. Very cool!
  10. Very cute, I like it post pics when you get it!!!
  11. gorgeous and very unique, i doubt you'll regret it!
  12. Soo pretty, however, now I am singing the soda-pop Fanta jingle-- wanna fanta, doncha wanta....