DVF dresses

  1. I love all her clothes. But they are hit or miss with me on how they look. Are all her wrap dresses so low cut in the front? I feel like my boobs are hanging out. I'm taking one in to get a hook & eye latch so you can't see so much. I ordered another one that is going back because you can literally see nipples. Its the one posted below. Am I just getting the wrong size because it fits everywhere else fine. Just so much booby showing and I'm just average size chested. If I wrap it tighter for less of a V it doesn't look right. I can't go down a size because I have wide shoulders.

    Anyone else have problems with her styles fitting correctly?

    I really love her dress and I'm so sad that some don't fit right on me.

  2. I ordered the same dress from Saks, hasn't received the order yet.
  3. I have a vintage wrap cut like yours and it fits fine. the great thing about wrap dresses is that due to the cut, you can go down or up a size. maybe u should try a different size to see how that fits. Some of her dresses, I go a size up, and others stay true to size..
  4. Try layering a tank top underneath of the wrap dresses to prevent cleavage. Thats what I do with mine so its not inappropriate at work.
  5. Layering is totally key. Or add a hook so it stays closed. You could also try using a pin/brooch to keep it from opening, but over time this might add too many holes to the fabric.
  6. :yes:
    I have the Gildred wrap dress (love it), I have to go up
    a size so there will be no boobage accident...I'm a 36C ;)
    I notice that DVF gears toward A/B cup/bust size so I always
    put that in consideration when purchasing any of her wrap dress.
  7. I have two DVF dresses ut they are jersey dresses and they aren't wrap maybe you shoul go up a size since its a wrap dress it should be fine!! Good luck!!
  8. Received mine. Same. Too much booby showing. I will return my order.
  9. i like a lot showing. if not, you can stick a cami under it.
  10. I love DVF wrap dresses but have the same problem -- too much chest showing. I have two of her wraps -- one I got in a larger size and the other I wear a cami underneath. I'm usually more of a 6 but with DVF I take 8 or 10. I always have to try on lots of different styles and sizes. Also you can check out the sizing on the DVF website.
  11. I took two dresses to get an eye/hook clasp so not so much shows. If its still to much then I'll wear a tank underneath. I usually wear a 6 or 8 in other dresses but in her's I have to go up to 10 and one wrap dress I have is a 12. Love her clothes but not her sizes.
  12. Everyone always raves about how DVF wrap dresses are universally flattering on all shapes/sizes. WRONG!!! I'm a slim 5'2" (103 lbs) but I do have a little inner tube around my middle thanks to my 2 pregnancies. The waist tie of her wrap dresses hits RIGHT where my tube of flab is. NOT pretty at all! In fact, her wrap dresses emphasize my tubby middle. Sad, because I really do like her designs.