DVF Dress

  1. I am thinking about purchasing this dress, but i wondering if any of you have it, or have some of her wrap dresses. I am a size 12, wondering if the dress runs small or big. They dont have a size 14 at Nordstroms.

  2. Ahh..lovely dress!It's flawless!
  3. The fortunate part of the wrap dress is that it's somewhat adjustable and forgiving. I think you'll be just fine ordering a 12. :smile:

    You'll have to post pictures when you get it!
  4. I think DVF typically runs big, at least from my experience. I have a few DVF skirts and 2 wrap dresses and all tend to be a little bigger in sizing compared to European sizes.
  5. I was going to order this exact dress but in a different print. I did actually. I'm normally a size 2, but her wrap dresses look horrid on me in a size 2. I ordered it and then canceled it when I realized it was a wrap bc in the butterfly print its hard to see the tie in front so I didn't know it was a wrap. JMO though.
  6. I love the colors!
  7. I got the butterfly print in size 12-fits a little tight across the bust, but its a wrap and I can adjust it tighter, I am on a weight loss program and plan on keeping her and enjoy her when I drop those few pounds. It is a smaller fit than other DVF DRESSES in that size,b'c I got several this summer.
    Get her and try it, I love the python print,but the vibrant butterfly print caught my eye and I think I grabbed the last on of Nordstroms.
    iT was a wonderful price for DVF!
  8. i go up a size in all the DVF wrap dresses, so does my boss. Not sure if it is a boob thing, or what.
  9. I get my own size. I have one DVF dress in a 2 and I have to pin the front. I am a 4 and I think they run true to size. Cute dress though and I love the prices at Norstrom now. I just got 2 new ones in the mail yesterday.
  10. Didn't you say you ordered the brown print and ginko seafoam sleeveless . Are they true to size or running a little smaller b/c they are sleeveless-The sleeves on DVF DRESSES tend to make me get a larger size b/c they are tight and the wrap doesn't close tight enuf.
    I'm thinking of getting a couple.thanks
  11. i would order a size up and down if you can easily return it. I have a dress that is a 10 and a dress that is an 8. Then I have a skirts that range from 12-8.....
  12. I think DvF's wrap dress sizing depends on your boobage and how comfortable you are with showing/not showing cleavage... I'm usually a size 8, would fit a size 10 if it weren't for boobage issues, so I end up wearing a size 12. Even so, the wrap dresses don't provide a enough coverage on top for my taste, so I stick to DvF's non-wrap dresses. HTH!
  13. I have a lot of DVF wrap dresses, and the size really depends upon on your breast size. I wear an XS in regular tops and I wear a 2 in the wrap dresses. I am a full B small C. Hope this helps.
  14. I have that dress. It seems to run pretty true to size, but the cut in the front is quite deep. I would say the size depends a lot on your "boobage issues" as mango pointed out.
  15. Thanks guys!! I am a 40D so it might be a little snug im thinking, all they have is a size 12... im going online now to see if they have more.