dvf dress!

  1. Hey everyone!
    what do you all think of this dress?


    its the ishai dress from Shopbop.com and it retails for $475. it might be hard to see, but it actually is a wrap dress. this will be my first dvf dress - i decided to treat myself since i need a graduation dress and to celebrate my new job!

    is it trendy? will it last past this season? i'm a big spender when it comes to handbags, but for clothes i generally almost exclusively shop at jcrew...so by splurging on this, i want it to last!

    i also love this one:
    yellow is a good color on me. i think i may have to get this one too :graucho: its only $225...in comparison to the first one, thats not so bad!

  2. I really like the yellow dress but I also like the black. If I really had to choose I would go with the yellow as I have some man black dresses.
  3. I LOVE the Ishai! I was eyeing that one too. :tender:
  4. I like the first dress more. It's more classic because it's black but with a twist (the fuschia ribbon)....and it looks sexy at the same time.
  5. I like the first one because of the color and the style. I think I can get more use from the first dress since black can be used in different occasion.
  6. I think you're going to get alot of use out of the DVF one. The yellow is cute, but I personally stay away form silohuettes like that b/c they tend not to be flattering. Good luck...
  7. they're actually both DVF. thats true about the yellow one - my stomach is my problem area, so it might make me look bigger than i am! i would def have to try it on...
  8. I like the first one. I don't think her dresses are trendy. Her styles can be worn a long time.
  9. i absolutely love the first one.
  10. I like the first one as well. The yellow is adorable, but if you want the one that will last longer I think the black one will. Because you could probably change the ribbon to different colors that are in season at the time.
  11. I vote for the black one ....DVF dresses are classics - the wrap came out in the seventies and is still being worn today.
  12. i love the first one. i didn't realize how great dvf wrap dresses are until recently.
  13. the first one is absolutely gorgeous!!
  14. thanks for the feedback!! i think i'm going to splurge and buy the first one...the black makes it versatile past the summer season, so i figure its a better buy even though its twice the price of the yellow one!
  15. I like the yellow dress