DVF Barbie!!

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  1. Here is a Diane Von Furstenberg Barbie I found off Bloomingdales.com. What do you guys think? :smile:

  2. I LOVE it! That wrap dress is so perfect! In fact I think I've seen the big version, just not in barbie pink! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Adorable.
  4. The funniest thing is... I have that dress, only in red instead of pink.
  5. ohh I've seen these at my Bloomie's! They are adorable and if I was a Barbie collector, I would definitely want this.
  6. Very cute!!
  7. OMG that is TDF
  8. omg i LOVE that!
  9. I want one!
  10. she's beautiful.
  11. Too cute!!

    But I thought her dark hair looks a lil' harsh :confused1:
  12. Thanks for your feedback guys! :flowers:
  13. OMG that's just perfect!:love:
  14. Ok, now that I have ordered her, I want another one! hahaha. Is it wrong to get the Dooney & Bourke Barbie so I could use her bag as a keychain? Lol! :lol: