Dec 17, 2006
I was inspired by the knock off thread. Every time I go out or shopping local I see the same people selling bootleg dvds. Do you buy them? :confused1: Some one has to be if they're out there, but the quality is horrid.
i'm definately guilty of downloading movies (but not purchasing bootleg ones)...BUT, before you all condemn me to hell, i've ended up buying 90% of it (and the rest is stuff that just isn't available).
nice to know i'm not a totally horrible person...

they just make it so darn easy to do it...and i'm sure i could make some money if i ever sold them, but i don't think i could ever actually do that.
i have unknowingly bought bootleg dvds on ebay a few years ago. they were harder to find, foreign dvd's... and the auction listed stock photos. seller had good feedback, and i've never had any problems with fakes/bootlegs on ebay at the time. unfortunately, the seller was naru'ed before i could do anything about getting my money back.

but no, i would never ever knowingly purchase bootleg dvds. i've gotten dvd's as cheap as $3.99 during black friday sales at Best Buy or Circuit City anyway.

as for downloading... i only download stuff not easily accessible here. i watch lots of Korean tv shows (variety/dramas/entertainment news) and movies... but i do end up purchasing many of my favorite dramas on dvds. they are expensive, and i can only get from legit online retailers. occasionally i will look on ebay, but there's so many bootlegs, it's frustrating to even bother sometimes.
i accidently bought a bootleg copy of the little mermaid off ebay a couple years ago. it's dubbed in korean with japanese and manderine subtitles. amusing, but my family has never ever let me live it down....and i haven't bought a dvd from ebay since. :smile:
I NEVER buy bootleg DVDs, CDs, etc. First off, it's wrong. Second, the chances for getting viruses from these products are pretty high.

If I buy used DVDs, they must be from a seller that other people have had experience with and that are reputible...Other than that, I only buy new DVDs from the store or from Amazon...
No way never have and never will. I hate bootlegs it makes me lose interest in the movie. Just pay the $10 bucks and go to the movies or wait for it to come out on real DVD. If you're gonna see the back of someones head and hear people munching on popcorn in the background just go to the actually movies