DVD v. HD DVD players?

  1. I'm thinking about getting 1) the Heroes season 1 DVD set and 2) a new DVD player. So, if I get the dvds in HD format, I would need an HD player.

    So my questions are, would it be worth it, and, if so, does anyone know about brands?

  2. I would say it is worth it. I don't know what movies come out on HD but I did read that Paramount will release their movies in HD. As for the players I think they go for $200 up. Or, you can get the one that plays both HD and Blu-Ray, which seems practical because of the media format war still going on, and studios are taking sides (Paramount, Dreamworks will release films on HD, Sony and Disney will release on Blu-ray). Sooo, if you get an HD player but your fave film only comes out on Blu-ray, you won't be able to view it. That player is more expensive though.

    We have Blu-ray and I have to say I love it :tup: The picture quality is amazing. Even regular DVDs come out clearer. We don't go to the theaters now, we just wait for the movies to come out on DVD :nuts: HTH!
  3. i might be able to help - i work in an electronics store.

    if you're going to get an hd dvd player, make sure first that your tv is hd (i know this is probably obvious, but with the prevelence of hd today, a lot of people don't really think about it). also, make sure that your tv has an open HDMI input, because that' most likely how you'll connect the dvd player. if the tv you normally watch is hd and you watch a good number of movies and tv on dvd at home, then it would probably be worth the cost (particularly since most HD DVD players have very good up-convert technology, meaning that you can watch all of the dvds you already have in near-hd quality). if you're looking for just a basic HD player, then i recommend this one: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8021767&st=toshiba+hd+dvd&type=product&id=1158323325814. it's one of the less expensive ones on the market, and they've been very popular at my store. i'm contemplating getting it myself, since i bought a 50" samsung dlp about two months ago (i'd like to stay brand-loyal to samsung, but the toshiba i linked you to is a really good price...)

    good luck! once you go HD, you never go back...
  4. one of the reasons i haven't bought one yet is because i'm trying to wait and see who wins the format war, although it seems to me that HD has been more successful in getting things like box sets, etc. blu-ray had a larger selection to start out with, though. it's impossible to say at this point, but if you've got the means, there are a handful of players on the market that will support both formats, but the one that i can think of off the top of my head is an LG that costs around $1200 (contrary to what i've seen someone post on this board before, a Playstation 3 WILL NOT play both formats - only blu-ray, which Sony developed). blu-ray machines cost more, though, and start around $400, plus Heroes is HD, not Blu.

    edit: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8203311&type=product&id=1165610378688. that's the LG combo player i was talking about, and it's price has come down since it initially came out - it $1000 now.
  5. If you've got an HDTV and are deciding between just a regular dvd player and an HD player I'd definitely get the latter. The picture quality will be significantly better. At my house we've got a blu-ray player and the picture is AMAZING. I can never believe how incredibly clear it is. It's like you're in your own movie theatre!
  6. Thanks so much, all of you! I really appreciate the advice.

    I do NOT have an HD t.v. As a grad student on a very limited income, I do not have the means to get one either. I thought I could upgrade my DVD player now and then the t.v. later, so I'm glad to know I can't play an HDDVD on a regular t.v.!

    As it turns out, I mentioned this quandry of mine to a family member who told me that someone might have already bought me a new regular dvd player for Christmas, and of course the HDs won't play on that. :rolleyes: So, ultimately, I think I've decided not to go HD yet. By the time I have the means to upgrade t.v. and all, the format wars should be over, and if I really want to, I can buy probably buy newer, superior versions of the shows I like then. I wish I could get the really good stuff now, but hey, gotta eat (and support my new handbag habit). :okay:

    Thanks a lot, everyone!
  7. You could also get the Playstation3 which will play regular DVDs, Blu-Rays, AND HD DVD's... plus play games. Great deal :smile:
  8. this is not accurate, it only plays Blu-rays, which Sony developed. it WILL NOT play HD DVDs. i promise.
  9. great! i'm glad you got the information you needed. there's no point to spending all that money on an HD player and new dvds if your tv is traditional, because it'll look just like a regular dvd player (you probably would even be able to connect it, i doubt an HD player has AV hookups like a regular dvd player, and your tv wouldn't have an HDMI input if it's regular definition).

    so when you upgrade your tv, the HD players will probably be a lot less expensive and one format or the other will probably win out, so you'll ultimately save money!