DVD - The Devil Wears Prada

  1. Anyone know when this will be released on DVD? It would make a perfect stocking stuffer for several people I know.:yes:
  2. ^
    Thanks a lot! I'll go to Amazon.com in a minute and preorder a few copies to give as gifts.:flowers:
  3. Love that movie I will be picking up a copy for my self!
  4. I love that movie! I preordered too!:yahoo:
  5. its not out in the UK til the 5th Feb! oh no :sad:
  6. I put it on my wishlist for Christmas! I can't wait!
  7. That's a shame! It would make such a nice gift to give!
  8. Omg awesome, I can't wait till it's out in Australia! :smile: Probably be a while though, I think it would've only stopped playing in cinemas recently...

    - ÄiÐêN
  9. u can order of amzon us and ship it to UK

    just FYI
  10. it's already on cdwow for £12.99, I think
  11. yeah, this would make a nice xmas gift. i can't wait to get the DVD!
  12. Yay!! I was wondering about this the other day!! Thanx:cutesy:
  13. I loved this movie,, buying it the day it comes out!! :smile: