DVD rental suggestions?

  1. Action, drama, foreign, etc all suggestions welcome, please. Thanks! I just watched SHINOBI, :okay:very very good.
  2. ok ok.... Im going to have to picture the wall at my store (these are going to be all new releases btw)

    -Grindhouse (Death Proof and Planet Terror) : unfortunately they are only avalible seperate as rentals but they are both great movies ... (Planet Terror was a bit better though). Directed by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez (respectively).

    -Shooter: Great action movie staring Mark Walberg as a retired Military Sniper who gets pulled into an assassination attempt on the President

    -Smoking Aces: This movie is just fun and I highly reccomend it.

    -Fracture: Anthony Hopkins plays a man who kills his wife then proceeds to represent himself in a trial. Hes going back to his Hannibal Lectoresgue character (without the who cannibal thing)

    -The Departed: It won best picture at the Oscars a few years ago... its a bit long but it is really worth the rent :tup:

    -The Illusionist: My FAVORITE movie by far that I have seen (and Ive seen alot of movies as of late) Edward Norton is a guy who after leaving his hometown as a kid, comes back as an Illusionist and finds his childhood love. They reconnect and fall back in love but they problem is that she is sort of engaged to the prince.

    -The Prestige: Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale are both magicians that were once partners but are now hell bent on ruining each others lives at any cost.

    -Blood Diamond: Great action movie though it is a little long. Plus it really opened my eyes to the whole blood diamond controversy

    -Meet The Robinsons: This is really only if you have kids... though I loved the movie :lol: probably one of THE best disney movies I have seen in a long time. Its about an orphan who only wants to find a family that loves him and through events he ends up in the future where he finds the love of family.

    -Black Book: Its a foreign film in German about a jewish woman during WWII inflitrates the Nazi army after her family was taken from her.

    -Notes on a Scandal: Cate Blancetts character has an affair with a student and Judy Denschs character finds out and an obsession forms for Cate Blancetts character

    sorry I could go on and on and on and on and on and on .... and on... but my mind just went blank on movie titles... Its really bad when I can remember what the cover looks like but not the title of the movie :upsidedown::upsidedown:
  3. original sin; be cool; get shorty; g. i. jane; excalibur; basic; bebe kids; ghost; judge dred; public enemies; and quick and the dead are pretty much my favorites but there are a few more.
  4. :woohoo:some how my post was duplicated
  5. I just saw this movie and it was SO good. Totally worth renting.

    Dear Frankie.

    I think you will really like it!
  6. I really like The Holiday with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz... thought it was a cute movie.
  7. Thanks 4 the suggestions. Shay 86, I recently saw Fracture, yes, Anthony Hopkins in his full Hannible mode, and Shooter. They were both good! Notes on a Scandal will be next! :smile:
  8. ^Oh Notes on a Scandal was good!! Also....

    -Mr & Mrs Smith a must!!
    -Italian Job
    -Ocean 11 Ocean 12
    -Mr Brooks
    -Bourne Identity
    -Daddy's Little Girls
    -The Devil Wears Prada
    -Diary of a Mad Black Woman (Madea is hilarious)
    -Failure to Launch
    -Freedom Writers (real good)
    -Hairspray (loved it!)
    -Charlottes Web (adorable!)

    And anything with Denzel Washington!!!!! He is the best actor on the planet!

    -Bone Collector
    -Deja Vu
    -Inside Man
    -Man on Fire
    -Training Day

    All good movies!!! I run alot so I watch a ton of movies while on my treadmill, when you need more just ask LOL!