DVD Formats? Question about different regions

  1. I want to buy this DVD set as a Christmas present:


    Unfortunately, I'm not sure it can be viewed on US DVD players. It sounds like this DVD set is designated for Region 2 while the US is part of Region 1. This is all very confusing to me so can anyone shed some light and tell me for sure if this DVD would play on my Mom's player? She loves the Shaun the Sheep features and this would make a perfect present.
  2. OMG that's sooo cute!!! i love shaun the sheep.

    region 2 cannot be viewed on US dvd players. but i do believe that Amazon.com sells region free dvd players.
  3. If she is watching from a DVD player, you will definately need a Region 1 DVD for the US.
    However, if she has a laptop, then she may be able to set it to Region 2 and watch it from her laptop. However, unless she really wants this DVD and/or you plan to buy more Region 2 DVDs from the UK, I would advise against this just because a laptop only allows Region codes to change about 3 times I believe. After that it's permanently set and you cannot change it anymore.

    I buy a lot of DVDs from Asia so I have my laptop set to Region 3 to watch movies while I use my DVD player/PS2 to watch my North American DVDs.
  4. i believe that you can download freeware to watch dvds from different regions on your computer so that you don't have to change the computer's settings. at least that's what one of the guys in the computer department told me.
  5. ^^Thanks for the information and suggestions caley, amanda and chanel princess. My mom doesn't have a Laptop so that's not an option. I'm thinking this gift is just not going to happen. :sad:
  6. i think it depends on the dvd drive of the computer. for some reason mine can play different region dvds through VLC. however, my dad's laptop (almost the same but with a dvd burner drive) can't.