dVb Sunglasses out this week!

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  1. For all of you who're in London, dVb sunglasses are out at Harrods, Harvery Nichols and Selfridges! They range from £135-£150. I'm so getting the aviators!

    Click on http://www.dvbstyle.com/eyewear to view the collection!!
  2. oh my god, i so want a pair. too bad i live like 3 zillion miles away from london.
  3. Oh great but i read that they are coming out world-wide in LA,Paris.etc?
    Anyway i am sooo getting the Jackie O. ones that J.Lo and Katie were wearing......
  4. ^ I hear ya!! :cursing:
  5. They have a lot of cute styles there. I'd love to get a pair of two.
  6. ooh, reallllly? excellent, because i'll be in LA soon
  7. They are really gorgeous!!! Have y'all decided on which ones you want to get???
  8. Yes they ARE launching internationally at such retailers as Fred Segal, Harvey Nichols, Colette, Brown Thomas and Villa Moda this month.And later at Kitson.

    I want these:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I love the design and that the logo is not so crazy and all over the place the little star on the side is so subtle and cool.I hate huge lettering on suglasses of Dior.etc
  9. ^That's what I love about her range too! =) Can't wait to see them tomorrow!!
  10. I wish I had a chance to buy them but nope, no stores here carry them.
  11. I love the DVB3 in tortoise. When will they be available in the US?
  12. I'll be in London next week so i'm definitly going to check them out!
    I love the ones J.lo is wearing so I might just have to pick them up, lol!
    Thanks for the info!
  13. ommmm how long will they be out for ?, I will have to get a pair before my holidays :smile:
  14. is dvb only available in the UK?
  15. Hi, No I think it will eventually become world wide, I think you will get the stuff in a couple of months :smile: