DVB jeans still in fashion?

  1. So this week I walked into Nordstrom Rack and spotted some DVB jeans in a dark wash (read:Stockholm wash) for US$99.

    Are DVB jeans still in style or are they going out of style?

    Yes or No answer would suffice...if you would care to elaborate that would be great too!

  2. I don't think so, the Nordstrom rack has also had Seven's, True Religions, Citizen's and other brands available there that are still popular. They might just be a wash, cut or size that isn't selling too well. I noticed the sizes in my Nordstrom Rack were fairly small sizes.
  3. My mum went to Bista Discount Shopping Village on sunday and said there were rails and rails and rails and rails of DVB jeans all 75% off! I guess they are out?! Shes gutted because she just dropped £300 on pair in Harrods!!
  4. Good to know they are somewhat still in style, thanks!:heart:
  5. We gather that people like them but not as much as when Posh did her line for Rock & Republic.
  6. this thread is like 10 months old! and i think the OP is referring to R&R VB jeans, not her new line.. since she refers to "Stockholms" which are crowns.

    i personally still love the crowns, 10 months after the question was originally asked!! even when I'm out and about, I still oooh when I see someone wearing them :smile:
  7. i agree with loserxstar. i still love my vb jeans. and yeah stockholm is the cut of the rock and republic jeans. its the straight leg.
  8. i think the dvb jeans for r&r are totally out.
  9. They're quite popular here in Dublin, and I have a pair which I really love, even though I'm not too fond of such low rise jeans generally, they're very comfortable and they look great. :smile:
  10. OMG I opened this thread almost a year ago. Good to see that its revived.
    I still have not bought a pair.
    But what a great deal $99.00.
  11. they are still selling on eBay uk for much more than that, so i think they are definitely still in style for a lot of people.
  12. I still wear mine occasionally.
  13. are you kidding. her jeans are so cute! i love them!:heart:
    of course there still in style
    i just bought a pair for 80 bucks from century 21
    thats the best store for extremely cheap designer clothes.
  14. They are somewhat in. Kitson and some other boutique retailers dropped her line. Buy them but not for full price. :smile:
  15. i think they are still in, her jeans aren't really to flashy. They are classic looks, classic pockets and in my opinion jeans don't really go out of style.