DuWop Lip Plumping Balm!!

  1. I just picked up the new Duwop lip balm at Sephora and Im in LOVE!! Its plumps ur lips like the lip venom but without the stickiness. It still has a subtle tingle though that i love

    It makes ur lipstick look amazing when u wear it as a base, plus ur lips look outrageously plumper! iam going nuts i love it so much!! i got it at sephora for $20

  2. ooo sounds great!! Thanks for posting!!!!!!!
  3. I've been wearing this as a primer for about 2 weeks now! I LOVE it!!!!
  4. Oh!! Thanks!! I've been looking for something new ever since they discontinued Pout!
  5. Thanks, I'll have to try it. I liked the Lip Venom.
  6. I'm trying to decide between this and mac prep+prime for a lip primer.
  7. ^^ the great thing about this is it makes ur lips look bigger, if thats something ur interested in
  8. I know it works to make it look bigger, but how long does that last, and then afterwords if you re-apply will it plump them again? Or does it only work on bare lips?
  9. ^^^its basically just like a lip balm that u apply to your bare lips, so it will wear off eventually, id say after a couple of hours.

    after i put it on, i apply lipstick on top but if u dont have to. it'll have a fresh & more natural look without lipstick on top. i love how it has no sticky feeling.

    im sure your lips must go back to looking less full when i wears off though..its so unfair:crybaby:lol
  10. ^^ Thanks for the info. I'm going to pick one up today.
  11. I just ordered one this morning!! Can't wait to try it out!
  12. I want it!
    I have the regular Lip Venom and I love it, but lately with all the wind it'll only end up in my hair, so this would be amaaazing! God I wish we had a Sephora over here. I'm going to look for this!
  13. Sounds awesome, will have to look for this.
  14. Love this, I have been using Lip Venom since high school and I really like it, but it's just so sticky. I bought the primer as soon as my Sephora got it in and I have been so happy with it. Some days I just use this and a shiny clear balm and I'm good to go, it gives you a really nice natural look. It doesn't seem to really plump that much though, has anybody else noticed this? Thanks!!!
  15. I love it, too, for all the same reasons!:yes: