Duty Free !!!

  1. When traveling I love to take advantage of the duty free shops, I stock up on perfumes, magazines, chocolate and makeup, My Husband collects pens, liquor, ties and sunglasses.

    How about you ?
  2. I always stock up on my perfume, and makeup. I LOVE duty free shopping! Especially in Swtizerland and Italy. (who am I kidding...I love to shop anywhere!!)
  3. Perfume and CHOCOLATE :nuts:
  4. Perfume and makeup !
  5. me and my mom spend a couple thousand on a year's worth of skin care/cosmetics products :shame:
  6. perfume, chocolate and liquor for the BF
  7. Perfume and alcohol. The alcohol is never for myself, but the perfume sure is. :smile:
  8. I usually do my last min shopping at these duty free shops. Usually some chocolate, perfume and cosmetics for the relatives. And ofcourse I'll check out the bags! ;)
  9. Makeup definitely! My perfume, though, is Guerlain Jicky and they never have it in the duty free shops.
  10. I haven't been able to do that in so long I feel lucky if I get free shipping and no tax online. A percentage off is a big bonus!!!
  11. The last time i travel out of the US. was when i was still a student with not a lot of money. I should have stocked up on cosmetic, perfume and Fendi bags (lots of them at Singapore airport).
    However, i'll do that this time if i travel.
  12. I usually shop cosmetics, especially those cute travel-only kits, perfume and candy!! Last time I was at the airport I also bought a Hermes-scarf and two Gucci-totes, but I don't know if they were duty-free or if the store was just located in the travel-area.
  13. I never go to the Duty Free shops when travelling...instead I like to shop in the pharmacies and supermarkets. I can easily spend hours going aisle to aisle checking out the merchandise, especially the products not available at home.
  14. I love to do that too!
    When I travel outside of Europe I also stock up in the Duty Free on cosmetics, skin care, perfume, liquor and chocolates.
  15. makeup! I think I get most of my makeup duty free.