Duty Free shopping

  1. I am very new to Chanel, but will be doing a lot of international shopping. I was wondering if the duty free shops at the airport ever carry Chanel and if that is an appropriate way to obtain a Chanel. Thank you for your help.
  2. There's a Chanel in Heathrow and I guess it's a nice way to save a little if you visit or pass through London, since it's duty free. They always seem to have at least the basic things. I also saw many here posting about purchasing from Hong Kong airport.
  3. Try Hong Kong airport.. they have quite a collection.. about the price... its more expensive than US price.
  4. There is a store in Bangkok airport too.
  5. Buying from BKK Chanel is more expensive than buying from the Chanel Boutiques in NY (Including tax!!)

    I believe there is one in Seoul as well. I think only Heathrow is worth the effort...
  6. If you check out the UK Chanel thread, there is a number that you can call ahead to see what they have in stock at Heathrow. I believe they will hold the bags for you if you call in advance. Unfortunately, the selection is rather limited because it is so much cheaper. Sorry!
  7. I just got back from a trip to London last night and the duty free Chanel at Heathrow is great! And the prices were MUCH lower than the US. For example, the medium classic flap in caviar was $953 pounds and the GST was $880 pounds. I was shocked at the price difference. They were pretty well stocked with the classic - lots of different color GSTs, cerfs, medallion totes, etc. They had a ton of Drills and Modern chain totes (with the plastic chain). There was also the 225 size of the purple metallic reissue along with a bunch of flaps with the new chain.
  8. Hi! Just wondering whether you see any navy 226s. There was one a few days ago but SA said they can hold the bag for a max of 2 days....:sad:
  9. My sis was at HK airport and she said the medium reissue was about £1600 for a 226!? I thought she got it wrong but after hearing on here that airport HK is more expensive than hk boutiques....?!?!?!
  10. sorry, i didn't see any navy ones displayed.