Duty Free Apparel??? In New York?real?

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  1. Hi everyone...I got an email from Duty Free Apparel...selling Spys,Prada,Tods..at BIG discounts?? Is it for real? They only sell at their store..no online orders..Let me know if you know of them PLEASE!

  2. A friend in college had bought from there and was happy with their purchase, it was a gucci or fendi she bought... can't remember... but ya know what, I didn't know enough about handbags back then to really look at it and tell you if it was real or fake. I remember her being extremely happy with her purchase... She had other real bags so I"m sure she would've compared... I didn't then. I had my bags and I really didn't care about anyone elses hehe. Anyway, so I'm curious too... if its real, i'd be on a stop on my trip next month:P
  3. Sounds a bit like to be good to be true: 50% off on e.g. Balenciaga bags??? I hope somebody can tell more about it.
  4. yeah pls do tell.. would want something if its not fake......
  5. I go there often, their supply changes a lot, and it's the real deal. They've been written up in New York Magazine and Time Out and the guy (I forget his name) is nice and helpful. The discounts aren't that huge, usually about 20%, but they have the newest bags and shoes, too. Sometimes there are bigger discounts on Prada. Give him a call, I'm pretty sure they do phone sales.
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