Duty fees from England to US?

  1. I apologize if it's been posted before, but I can't find a definitive answer anywhere. The closest I've gotten, is someone's post that they think duty in the US is somewhere between 8% and 25% depending upon which country the item comes from.

    I'm concerned about an expensive Bbag, probably upwards of $1000. that would come from GB to US. Does anyone know more closely what percentage I might be hit with?

    Thanks a million to anyone....anyone?? :wtf:
  2. I once asked UPS about the customes duties and taxes for a pair of boots that were $1300. They informed me that the fees to be paid depend on case to case basis.

    For me the fees were to be about 45% of the actual price. In fact, over $1000 you have to pick the item up from the Central Office as they cannot be delivered to your door.

    Call UPS saying they may be delivering your item. They will help because the online tool they have is not that helpful or easy.

    Good luck

  3. EGAD! :hysteric: Thanks for your response lorenza. That is just the kind of thing that is making me nervous. I shouldn't be spending this kind of money anyway, to think about possibly plunking down up to 45% more, is nuts! :nuts: I haven't bid on the bag yet, but it sounds like I should do some more investigating. Meantime, I'm hoping someone else can add to this.

    I had heard that it depends on from which country your item is shipped? I was hoping that duty on items from the U.K., might be less punitive? Where were your boots coming from? I'm hoping you will tell me China? Thanks again! :heart:
  4. I have received several international orders. My experience has unique each time. For instance:

    LV bag paid $3500 (eBay- back in 2003) - seller in Switzerland. Seller put a value of $1500. Shipped via their swisspost (express) ended up being delivered here in the USA by DHL. First time getting something I considered super expensive and from abroad, so was really nervous as I was told shipment would be held at Kennedy Airport until I get there in person. None of that happened. Got it delivered within three days and did not have to pay anything upfront. About two weeks after delivery, DHL sent me a customs invoice of approx $145.00.

    Weird, on each of my USPS situations, did not have to pay customs:

    Versace bag sent from Italy... sent from the Versace store (but I had ordered it from NYC) value at $2700 - received USPS Express Mail - no customs due on that

    Prada bag and shoes ... shipped from Italy... value at $1400 - received USPS Express Mail - no customs on that either.

    Chloe top - NWT - value $600 - eBay purchase - received via post office air mail - no customs

    Just today, got several tagging guns and other supplies from China - value says $100 - came USPS air mail. Postman left at my mailbox - no customs due.

    Didgeridoo sent from Australia value $800. came via DHL. Again no customs upfront, afterwards they invoiced me for approx $80.
  5. From the UK, I've actually never had to pay duty. For a Balenciaga bag from Italy, I had to pay 10%. If the item is sent via express mail (i.e. not by courier), there is much less chance of being assessed duty. And I think the limit where it bounces into another category and has to go through a broker is $2000.