Duty calculator.. 800 USD no duties & taxes

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  1. #1 Mar 6, 2016
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    Good news for US consumers.

    Starting March 10, 2016, imports of merchandise up to USD 800

    will be allowed into US free from duties & taxes.

    The Tradae Faciliation & Trade Enforcement act of 2015 raises the

    de minimes threshold for low value shipments. Section 901

    amends the Trade Tariff Act of 1930 to raise the limit on

    amount of exemption from USD 200 to USD 800

    This from duty calculator.
  2. lol awww why couldn't this be effective sooner. i have a $500 package stuck in custom for almost two weeks now and since its taken so long that mean i will most likely be hit with fees. thank you for sharing.
  3. Thanks, hotshot!!! You've made my day!

  4. Thanks Hotshot. Would you know how the duties & taxes are calculated for items above $800? Thanks!
  5. Duties and taxes are often a lottery both in terms of amount and time wasting, wish things would be easier when it comes to calculate time and costs.
  6. Thanks for sharing this information.
  7. If you're unlucky and customs get you, it's about 9% of the declared value price. I was taxed that percentage for a bag that I imported once. But I think the rate depends on the item. When I had precious metal imported it was around 3-4%.
  8. Thanks! This is good news and it makes sense to bring it in line with the amount you are allowed to carry back with you on an international flight.
  9. Thanks ThisVNchick, I was hopping that duty & taxes would only be applied to the difference between the item price and $800, and not to the full declared value price.
  10. Is there a link to this information? I have been searching both the dutycalculator site as well as CBP website and I can't find any documentation that states if you receive goods from another country (that you have not just immediately returned from), it is free of duties - if below the $800 threshold.

  11. updates@dutycalculator.com
  12. Thanks hotshot :flowers:
  13. Ya weirdo, eh!