Duty and Tax for International shopping {VAT refund}

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  1. hi everyone:

    I am new in TPF, I have been saving for my first chanel for a while,
    so now it is the time for me to get one but the price in CANADA is tooooooo hign, since British Pound is going down, I am thinking to buy one classic flap from UK,
    I live in CANADA, I would like to know if anyone have ever order from UK and how the duty and tax will be.

    happy new year
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  2. I just did order from the UK and they deducted the complete VAT. Regarding customs duty, that depends how much Canada charges for incoming goods.
  3. dear la vanguardia, may I know which boutique you called and how much you got the bag for?
  4. I am in USA and I also want to order a classic flap from UK but I don't how to make international order. I tried to search for an answer but still have no clue. :confused1: Anyone in USA order from UK before? Also, anyone know what is the current price for a jumbo flap in UK now? :smile:

    Sorry, I got so many questions because I am still a Chanel newbie. :P
  5. You have to calculate the shipping costs too... and convert to CAD... I'm curious how much you'll save.
  6. Umm, I'm no expert, but bringing anything in from outside Canada, customs would convert ur purchase amount @ the day's exchange rate and get a Canadian $ value. Than use that to add on duties and customs. U're looking @ 25%-30% +. So really, I can't see u saving too much.
    But if you do, be sure to let us know! I'd love to add a Jumbo Caviar to my collection too!! GL!!!
  7. i ordered a bag fr uk last month, the postage was about cad$150 for a 2.55 size 226.
  8. one more thing, the SA marked down the value of the bag half on the postage. my bag was $1100pounds after VAT deduction n she just put $600 instead.
  9. The Chanel boutique at Bond Street.

    With the full UK VAT deducted:
    Medium caviar classic flap - £1112
    Camelia lambskin evening bag - £520

    The bags were declared full value for customs where I live.
  10. ITA! I'm not sure about purses, but I know shoes and clothes are GST+PST, then they add additional custom charges for anything that's not made in Canada, US or Mexico. If I remember it correctly, it's about 15% additional. In the end, you are paying about 30% more, which is really not a deal anymore.
  11. That will work for you... you'll save something I'm sure.

    Please let us know the Canadian price compared to what you eventfully pay... we're all curious! :yes:
  12. Sorry, i didn't mention that i ordered from hongkong. but i think the SA can do the same thing when declaring the value of the bag if u order fr canada.
  13. hi im from Singapore but my hubby is gg to London for Biz trip and i tot of asking him to get me a chanel bag. i read that quite a # of users have purchase from UK and it may be cheaper as sterling pound drop. may i know or anybody can share with me a black timeless classic small chanel bag would cost? SG is selling at $4400 for the lambskin and $4401 for the cavair type material. i like those black lambskin with gold chain classic timless design.

    any idea how much? and waht is the VAT in UK for tourist?
  14. hello La vangurdia. did u order online or from the shop in UK? do u have any idea how much a timeless classic small chanel bag would cost in london? and what the Vat? i tot of getting one in UK when my hubby was over there. and he being a man have absolutely no idea if it gg to be cheaper to get in UK or back at Sg.

    thakns you so much in advance.
  15. ^ I called the boutique in Bond Street and asked for what I wanted.