duties and custom query

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  1. hi, i've just purchased a used bag from ebay and am wondering if i'd be charged for custom/duties. the item is from indonesia and i'm in canada. this is my first purchase from ebay and have no idea if custom only charges for new items or also used items. thank you so much in advance for any information.
  2. Doesn't matter if it's new or used - what matters is the VALUE of the item, where it's made (i.e. if it falls under NAFTA) and what material it's made of. For example, if you're buying a "used" Hermes bag that's still worth $6K, then if it gets stopped at the border, you'll have to pay duties and taxes on the assessed/declared value.
  3. If they mark the value above a certain amount you'll get hit with duty and it can be pretty pricey sometimes.
    Some overseas sellers are nice and if you ask they'll declare a lower value...BUT that means you won't be insured for the full value in case something happens.
    I believe anything under $50 there is no duty assessed.
  4. Does anyone know the amount at which US charges duty? Used handbag of course.
  5. Americans can receive a gift with a value of up to 200US before being charged duty/ taxes.
  6. Canadians are allowed a gift with a value of up to 50Cdn before being charged duty/ taxes.

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