Dutchy Bags

  1. Hi, I don't see Dutchy bags mentioned on this forum. Any reason why, do you reckon?

    Has anyone here bought Dutchy bags?

    Dutchy Nana Doc Medium - $290

    Dutchy Peety Hobo - on sale for $110

    Dutchy Nana Medium Hobo - on sale for $150

    Dutchy Peety Sac - $215

    Dutchy Aloe Peety Hobo - $224
  2. Ooh! I see you've been surfing through lunaboston.com! I kind of like the first bag, and I saw that second bag yesterday but they're all a bit too small for me. The ladies on here are starting to get me to appreciate a big bag more. The last ones kind of cute too. Yet another site to add to my bookmarks (jenniferkaufman.com)!
  3. I like them but this is the first time I hear of the brand! Thanks for posting!
  4. Thanks for replying, ggk84.

    I hadn't heard of Dutchy and most of the other brands until very recently :biggrin:

    Abandonedimages, big bags are great, especially if they have many compartments.
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