Dutch process cocoa vs. regular unsweetened cocoa?

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  1. I want to make a cookie recipe that's specifically asking for Dutch process cocoa. I only have unsweetened cocoa that is not Dutch process.

    How will this affect the outcome of the recipe? Thanks!
  2. Dutch process is not as bitter as unsweetened chocolate and not using it may leave your brownies very flat and dense as it has some effect on how the batter will rise.
  3. hermesgroupie, thanks for the response. This is a recipe for cookies, do you think they'll be too heavy if I don't use Dutch process?
  4. i would use the dutch process, cookies might be bitter and dense.
  5. It might, yeah.
  6. OK, I have been to my local grocery store, drugstore, Whole Foods AND Williams-Sonoma. No one has dutch process! Any suggestions where to buy it?
  7. I think Droste or something like that is dutch process. Try World Market, Kroger's, Tom Thumbs, the internet. I'm surprised Williams-Sonoma doesn't have it.
  8. You can buy Droste baking cocoa on Amazon also...
  9. i didnt know you could by cocoa on Amazon.com... nice! i guess i learned something today!*scratches head* well actually i learned what the dutch process cocoa was too.. double wammy!! woot woot*dances around the room*
  10. Dutch processed cocoa is also available at Dean & Deluca. (also the website)
    Dutch processed cocoa is simply a purer form of chocolate. It really wont affect your cookies. I have been baking with dutch processed and prefer the taste but, if you like Hersheys cocoa, just use that.
    Now there IS a difference in baking with cocoa powder and using unsweeted choco bars. There is a little fat in the the bar choco. Is that what you were asking about?
  11. No, I definitely was talking about the powder, not the bars.

    Well, I bought some on Amazon ... hopefully it will arrive soon and I will finally be able to make my cookie recipe!
  12. ^Keep us posted on how your cookies turn out.