Dutch Handbags?

  1. and shopping in Rotterdam?

    My dh has a business trip to Rotterdam at the end of May. He has been travelling a LOT lately and he WILL bring me something pretty!

    So does anyone know of any Dutch handbags or handbag designers, or even of any bags that one might find there which would be difficult to get in the US? Any ideas for places to shop for handbags in Rotterdam?
  2. I'm not from Rotterdam but go often for work. So far, I have not been able to find any good shopping there. I think there is probably more choice in Amsterdam.
  3. Thank you, passerby, for the suggestions!
  4. I would go for Arma, the sell at the bijenkorf. They make extremely gorgeous leather bags and jackets
  5. I have a couple of Bosboom bags and they are wonderful. Practical and stylish. but I got rid of my very favourite (under duress) and now would really like to find another. Any ideas?