Dusty vs Dustyw/Silverspot vs Stone MAM opinions???

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  1. I recently ordered the night with gold crackle bottom as you might have seen my previous thread. Flaws aside ... when I was comparing it to my night blue mam I just didn't feel as drawn to it. :s So back it goes.

    In any case, I am once again in the market for a neutral for year round use. Please help me figure out which one is a good fit for me because there is no way I am going to be able to see these all in person. I think all of these are very pretty especially the dusty with silverspot, but I have no idea what is an accurate picture of it considering pics vary. I personally love soft smooshy leathers best. I want a bag that will go with anything but also be unique considering this will either be my last mam or second to last since I want to branch out into other RM styles. I would especially love input from anyone who owns these bags! Thanks so much you guys are always so helpful!:tup:
  2. I have never seen a stone MAM. However I do have the dusty silverspot steady and its great. The dusty is very mooshy and soft. I think the stone is a little stiffer but everyone seems to be happy with it. As far as year around, I would go dusty. The stone is a bit more spring and summer IMO. Then to decide b/t dusty and dusty silverspot....hum...do you want your bag to pop a little more??? Then get the silverspot. I personally think it makes the dusty color look that much nicer with the silverspot. again....just my opinions and I wore it with sweats this weekend and it didn't look too dressy if that is a concern. Hope that helps but I am sure you will love whatever you decide!
  3. dusty MAM!
  4. I am in hunt for a dusty MAM as well...
  5. I vote for Stone! I have a market tote in dusty, a MAM in stone, and I sent back a dusty/silver spot MAM. The silver spot is a suede with tiny leather silver dots all over it - a very delicate material and I worried about the handles on the dusty/silver spot being covered in it. I didn't think the bag would stay looking nice. Also, the stone goes with more and will be easier to keep clean.

    The leather on my market tote is unbelievably soft, though - its a delight to touch and to carry. Its going to be one of those leathers that scratch and patina (which I don't mind).
  6. I agree... I love my stone. I originally had the dusty and was concerned about the leather and color. I was using my stone today not knowing it was going to rain and my bag got some raindrops on it. They dried right up and you would never know it. The glazed finish is awesome!
  7. STONE ALL THE WAY!:yes:

  8. I have a dusty/silver spot that has never been used for exactly this reason. Does anyone know how to keep the handles looking nice? I was thinking a wrapping them with a scarf or something.
    Any info appreciated
  9. PERFECT: I have the stone MAM. When I first got it I wasn't hit immediately with that warm glow (I'm a fan of bright POPPING bags) BUT - the glazed leather has made this one of my very favorite 'go to" bags. Sometimes I feel like the glazed leather of STONE makes it sooo easy to wear and worry free.
    I enertained the idea at one time of buying the same steady you mentioned. After doing some research on the "dusty" leather I read that it scratches easily. I've never seen it IRL but it seems very pretty in pictures. Hope this helps...:smile: