Dusty Rose color?

  1. I think I recall there being a beautiful raspberry/rose color from 03 or 04 called dusty rose? Anyone know if it's possible to get a classique in this shade that's in good condition :sad2: If you hear of one being for sale or have one, please PM me?
  2. hi maybe you're talking about the rose color from 2004. I recently got a twiggy from a friend.

    The pictures look like it's super pink but in real life it has a vintage-y color ( I am really not good in taking pictures, sorry about that):shame:


    it's the same color as this one (from dude) eBay#6851194239
  3. i like the rose color- i had heard there was a rose city for sale at a consignment store so i went to look... everything was right about it except the bales. pity, i was hoping it was real.

    they pop up on eBay every so often, not as often as the 04 lilac i think though. Good luck finding it!
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