Dusty or Stone MAM?

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  1. Where oh where can one find a Stone MAM? It is my first choice with Dusty as second. Any ideas? And don't you just hate it when you get totally obsessed with something? Surely the first signs of addiction...

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Luna Boston had them last week. Are they all gone now?
  3. I currently only see the regualr size Morning After in Dusty on the Luna Boston site.
  4. Stone seems to be a really popular color, it sold out fast! Maybe see if Label360 can special order if for you. It wasn't a Luna Boston exclusive was it?
  5. There was a stone mam at Revolve that I didn't buy because of the no code deal!
  6. ohhh!!! i am looking for a stone mam as well. :yes: i recieved my first rm mam yesterday from luna b (ruby) and love it. now i cant wait to purchase my next one.
  7. I finally sucked it up and bought this one. I was able to use JT for 15% off, though, so I got a little bit off. I hate how they mark up the price of the bags to above retail.:tdown:
  8. I'll check with label360. Thanks and keep the suggestions coming!
  9. Yes, I noticed it was a bit more expensive at Revolve. They wouldn't allow me to use any codes. Lucky you or unlucky me!:sad:
  10. Thank you - really helpful info!
  11. I already got my stone MAM and have used it a few times. It is a breathtakingly elegant color - so much so that I almost don't mind that I paid close to full price. Just as long as I have one. I actually would prefer a regular MAB, but haven't seen any, so I settled on the mini instead because I would rather have that than nothing at all.

    I highly recommend the stone to anyone - its one of my fave RM colors!
  12. I agree! I got my stone MAM at LB when they first got them in. Love it!