Dusty Blush Pink Large Miu Miu Bow Satchel

  1. I'm despearately looking for this bag!!! I currently have the alluminio (light gray one), but I'm not totally in love. What color will the fall line come out with? If i can't get the pink one, should I wait for new colors? I love this bag so much....

    Anyone please tell me where I can find the pink one? LARGE is what i need!! Thanks!
  2. I bought the Large Bow Satchel in that colour I think; I call it Nude but it is a dusty pink colour (love the colour- so beautiful!). I bought it in November on a trip to New York from Saks Fifth Avenue. They might still have some; if not try Barneys, or perhaps their website? Hope this helps!
  3. Do you happen to have a sku number? I called 2 saks and those SA kept telling me that they don't carry the large one!! Thanks!! BTW, I called the NY Saks!! :sad:
  4. Dear Faye,

    the dusty pink is still available in some SAKS stores. I bought the last one from the Greenwich store. They do not carry the large at all. I was told that the last piece was sold just minutes prior to my call!

    Go to the Saks.com website and call all the California and from Greenwich, Connecticut ONWARDS stores. That's your best bet! That's what the customer service representative told me.

    PS: Or you can call every Neiman Marcus and Barneys store!
  5. Thanks girl!! I'm gonna do that now!! thanks!! The barneys has one display that's not only dirty, but also has leather coming off of the strap...
  6. Hey Fayewolf,

    Do you still have the Allumunio color Miu Miu in your hands??? Or did you already return it :sad: I'm desperate for that bag in THAT color, so if you still have it I'd LOVE to buy it off of you!!!