Dusted Suede

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  1. I know I just saw a reveal of someone with gold dusted suede belted bag recently and thought I saw some Brooke pieces. How are they holding up? They look gorgeous in pics but I've never seen the material IRL.
  2. The brooke's did not come in dusted suede. They came in metallic leather (feels like suede). Dusted suede will eventually look dirty as the metallic dusting falls off. Regardless, the metallic leather is just as delicate, but is not the same.
  3. #3 Feb 21, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2010
    There was a clutch in dusted suede. Came in both a rose/gold color, and a silver one. I think it was called a brooke clutch. It had a strap around it like your talking about.


    i would love to find one of these at the outlet, but cannot tempt myself!

    edit: 14342 is style # for both colors