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  1. Hi, hope this hasn't been covered recently..

    Why do I see different style dustcovers for Gucci? I have one bought from Nordstrom that is a dark silky brown with the interlocked Gs all over, but then I have also seen the plain brown with Gucci written once in big lettering.

    Why is this?
  2. The brown silky ones are the older ones (not way old) the plain brown with GUCCI written across is the newer dustbag. I think it just started with those pretty recently like the last year or so?
  3. ^ yup....it was kinda funny because in vegas the manger was trying to show me this messenger and he pulled it out of the old dust bag and i was like ehhh thats an old model....his eyes just went WIDE LOL!! he was like how the heck did u know that LOL

    I was like, "the dust bag gave it away"....he laughed so hard hahaha

    but even though the new dust bags are NOT as pretty -- they work better! :smile:
  4. luvednotspoiled ~ so you dustbag shamed them! :P LOL
  5. ^ haha i guess you can say that lol! the manager looked so freaked out lol!! and heres another cute story for ya:

    He came out with the bag and he tied a signature ribbon on the bag and my friend was like look awww he tied a ribbon on it...he had a huge grin on his face and was like see just because im a manager i still do stuff....

    and i was like um thanks but dont you always do that? LOL hehe he laughed so much! :smile: omg that seriously was THE best visit to a boutiqe EVER! better then champaigne and treats better than every other visit ive had!
  6. hahahaha that's a good one mssmelanie :roflmfao:!!! Luved your stories are great!
  7. mzleah ~ I'm glad someone got the Sex and the City reference! (the manolo shoe shame episode)

    luved ~ that's great! I love when the SAs /MGRs get personal and fun to work with. It's definitely a more enjoyable experience when they act like friends.