Dustcover for Keepall 50

  1. Did anyone know if Keepall 50 suppose to come with dustbag??? When I bought mine, it did not come with it. I'm just wondering..

    Where can I get dustbag for that size??? Thanks for your help:love:
  2. I got one when I bought my Keepall 55. You can just go back to the store (bring your receipt just in case) and ask them to give you one, there shouldn't be any problems.
  3. I actually need one too, but they don't have extra in the store anymore...
  4. I just bought a 50 last month and it came with one of those drawstring dustcovers.
  5. that sucks :cursing: you think they'd still give me one eventhough I bought mine 2 yrs ago? I have to find my receipts..:confused1: